Parksville Auto Repair Getting Ready For Winter

Parksville Auto Repair Getting Ready For Winter

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Is your car ready for winter? Here is your servicing checklist

As winter approaches, your car needs servicing to get it through the harsh weather, poor road conditions and reduced visibility. Assuming that you have the basics such as ice scrapper taken care of and you are up-to-date on your car’s regular service, we look deeper into the most important parts that would need service before you are ready for the cold season.

Invest in winter tires

There was a time when knobby and loud snow tires were considered the best option for the winter season. They made you car look like it belonged to the Army. But today, Parksville Auto Repair has your winter worries covered with appropriate tires for the cold and snowy weather. These rubber compounded tires bear perfect treads for the snow. They are quiet and more effective on the snow-packed surfaces. To be sure of getting where you are going, these winter tires should be in your budget in readiness for the change in season.

Stock up your wipers

Rain, snow and fog will immensely cut down your driving visibility during winter. Wiper blades could be the reason why you will never have a problem driving in this kind of weather. Go for beam style blades since they do not have external springs that could be frozen and render useless. When you park your car, turn off the wipers to prevent a burn out for the wiper motors.

Have your battery fully juiced

If you park your car outdoors, winter will strain your battery. You can avoid that sinking embarrassment of getting no sound when you hit the ignition by being proactive with your car battery checks and the entire charging system. Bluenose Auto Service does not charge much for a battery test. Even batter, some auto parts stores give free battery tests. If you find your battery is no more the powerhouse it used to be, replace it before the cold weather comes knocking. You do not want to be at the mercy of the repair shop your car is towed to just because you did not service your battery.

Have your nethers checked

To save on fuel and enhance aerodynamics, today’s cars come with intricate underbelly panes with lowly hanging air dams. These parts are more vulnerable during winter. A drive over a snowdrift could turn out to be a costly repair process. The entire panel and its hardware could be ripped off only because of a loose hanging part you did not see. Before the ground gets too chilly to lie on, let your nethers be checked for any loose parts. They should be held back in place.

 Do not forget to check your tire pressure

There are two good reasons why you should get down with the gauge and ascertain that you car tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommendations. One, for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit your tire loses pressure. Two, underinflated tires cannot “bite” through the snow.

Just like getting your home ready for winter, your car deserves servicing to be efficient in the cold-biting snow and the occasional rain. For your heads up, you know the particular areas that need attention.